Postpartum Doula

When a new baby or babies are born so are new parents. Whether you are first time parents or navigating multiples or older siblings, It truly takes a village. With other cultures this is the norm. A Postpartum Doula helps fill in this gap. A Postpartum Doula offers education, emotional support and sets the new family up for success during this new transition.

What you can expect from a Postpartum Doula:

  • Evidence Based Resources so that you can make informed decisions
  • Breastfeeding/Formula support- Helping with latch issues, etc. and knowing who and when to refer to an IBCLC. Also providing support group information.
  • Teaching Mommy Hacks
  • Lite Cleaning and meal/snack prep
  • Teaching how to sooth baby, babywearing and bath baby, etc.
  • Goal setting
  • Mothering the Mother

Hourly rate $25 (min 4 hours)

Evening hours preferred (between 4:30 to 11pm) makes for a great transition from daytime to dinner then bedtime. This time is known to have witching hour and a lot of things going on when it comes to dinner or settling in older siblings for bedtime. Let me be the extra pair of hands.