Belly Binding and Vaginal Steams

Belly Binding

By binding the abdomen and hips you are sealing the warmth in and preventing coldness from leaking into the body. Binding also encourages your stomach muscles which have separated during pregnancy, to strengthen back together in a shorter period of time, helps to reshape your hips, can assist with diastasis recti and helps to support posture while breast feeding. It also reduces the postpartum “pooch” that many women experience as their womb and stomach organs protrude out due to poor muscle control in the abdomen.

$100 Initial and $35 for additional Binding

($50 extra for Batik Printed Bind)

Belly Bind

Vaginal Steam Baths

 The steam brings heat to the womb, encourages and maintains healthy fertility, helps to relieve painful menstruation, uterine fibroids, uterine adhesions, cysts, scar tissue internally and externally, uterine weakness and uterine or cervical prolapse. It restores the suppleness to the outer vagina while cleansing the inner.

$50 for initial setup, $10 per herbal satchel.