Placenta Encapsulation

While starting my career as a birth doula I became fascinated with the placenta and how it works. I began researching all of the benefits postpartum. I am now working towards certification with Full Circle Placenta. I have done training in OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens & Infection Control for Placenta Encapsulation and also CA food safety certification.

Placenta encapsulation is the process of preparing your placenta after the birth of your baby by dehydrating, powdering and placing it into capsules for you to use as you see fit.

There are two methods of preparation. The Traditional preparation method involves first steaming the placenta over ginger, lemon, and hot peppers. These herbs are included in the steaming water only, and are not incorporated into the capsules. If you are prone to anxiety or insomnia I recommend this method over Raw.

The Raw method involves dehydrating and preparing the raw placenta. Raw preparation yields about 30% more capsules than does Traditional preparation and women report fast-acting results over the short term. Tradition preparation reportedly gives a more steady, slow-release result lasting over a longer term.


All packages include pick-up of your placenta and delivery of the finished products, packaging, and instructions for proper storage and use of the products. Please choose the package best suited to your needs.

Basic Package: Includes prepared capsules and Cord keepsake $280

Blossom Package: Encapsulation and One added service (Tincture, Raw Smoothie, Salve or Chocolate Truffles) $310

Bouquet Package: Encapsulation and Two added services (Tincture, Raw Smoothie, Salve or Chocolate Truffles) $340

***Colored, Flavored and Vegan capsules available***

Placenta Tincture- Infused Alcohol, Used for Headaches, Milk Supply, Cramps, Insomnia, energy, reduced libido, stress, hormone stability.
Can be used for the infant teething, boost immune system, Transitional stages. Can help the same child many years down the road during Menstrual periods. Can be saved for when you start Menopause

Placenta Print- Print of the placenta (like pictured below) with dried blood or food coloring then laminated to preserve print.

Basic Salve- Used to heal Cesarean incisions, lessens scaring, itching/hemorrhoids, perennial tearing, burns,diaper rash, eczema, sunburns

Black Salve- Used to absorb toxins, like Bug bites, bee stings, cuts, it draws out poisons.

Raw Placenta Smoothie- Normally received with capsules. You would get one smoothie ready to drink and 1-2 servings ready to drink in a freezer bag to thaw for a later time. ( Alternative:pieces ready and frozen for you to make your own smoothies for a week)

Chocolate Placenta Truffles- (as pictured below) can Satisfy your Chocolate cravings as well as help with Cramping, Low Energy, Heavy Bleeding, Mood Swings and Boost in Milk Supply. Truly Delicious!

Mothers Tea- is made from the juice from steaming with Traditional Chinese herbs. It has many vitamins and minerals. Many of my moms have even noticed a difference in their milk supply after consuming the tea. The placenta broth may also be frozen in ice cube trays and added to soups or other drinks

Here is a short video-

Umbilical Cord Shadow Box
Digital print

Benefits of Placenta for the Postpartum Woman:

  • Lessening the risk of postpartum hemorrhage and lessening the lochia phase
  • Providing the hormones human placental lactogen and prolactin to assist with your milk coming in sooner and maintaining a healthy supply throughout your nursing relationship
  • Replenishing iron lost from birth and preventing post-birth anemia. Low iron levels can lead to depressive symptoms in a new mother
  • Balancing out your hormone levels until the body is able to regulate on its own
  • Providing natural pain relief from the labor and birthing process
  • The placenta helps your uterus return to per-pregnancy size
  • Lending you a consistent flow of Oxytocin (the bonding and euphoric hormone)
  • Replenishing your B-Vitamins and offering your body protein for energy
  • Protection from infection due to retained placenta or bacteria in the uterus
  • Your placenta is perfectly made for you, by you! It is an amazing organ created to nourish baby in the womb and then the mother postpartum.
  • — Full Circle Encapsulation, 2013

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